Alan Luke Vaughn

My name is Alan Luke Vaughn. I am a visual artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I grew up in Ohio where I earned a degree in design from Kent State University. I have held numerous positions over the years, including Art Director, Illustrator, Cartographer, and free lance motorsports photographer.

I paint in acrylics on wood or metal panels. I custom cut my panels to any shape or size I desire. I love to play with my Sturges etching press which I use to produce monotypes. I also enjoy combining original sketches, doodles, and garden cuttings using digital collage techniques.

I look to my environment for insight and inspiration. I try to pay special attention to all the “stuff” happening around me. I am amazed at the interesting things I see throughout my day that many seem to overlook.

I spend a lot of time commuting on Bay Area freeways. I enjoy scanning for interesting shapes and design elements both organic and industrial as I drive. I do mental “screen grabs” that often get documented in my sketchbook when I get a quiet moment.

When starting a new piece, I have found that the hardest thing for me is putting that first mark on the blank surface. After that inaugural action has been taken, the hours seem to slip by and I am in my cozy little world all to myself again.