Angelica Samame (Goett)

I am originally from Peru, South America. My artistic interest started when I was a young girl.

I have experimented with different mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, oils. I am staying with acrylics because of the vibrancy of color.

My work is centered on the figure as my subject. Generally I work either with acrylics or watercolors in a fluid improvisational style, where I combine real and imagination compositions sometimes in an unsual way. I am constantly exploring different dimensions of my art letting color and spontaneity take me to the adventure I sometimes encounter.

I have taken many different art classes at Diablo Valley College, Walnut Creek Comunity Center, Lafayette and Orinda.
I have also attended many different workshops with many different artists like Mira White, Michael Otis, Linda Sutton, Jane Hofstetter and many others.

I have learned lots of tips and different techniques from many art books.