Christine Chabiel Dargahi

My art includes acrylic paintings, painted masks and painted wood animals and objects that are influenced by the art of Oaxaca, Mexico. I also paint gourds to look like women and call them “gourditas” because it sounds like the Spanish word “gorditas” which means “little chubby women.” I go to garage sales and thrift stores to look for wood animals and objects that have been tossed away and I buy gourds from a gourd farm in San Diego. Then I paint them with bold and intricate colors and patterns and revitalize them into fresh new treasures. Each one becomes its own little world with a whimsical air that is meant to amuse and delight.

About the artist

Christine Chabiel Dargahi was born and raised in California and made her home in Oakland after graduating from U.C. Berkeley. Subsequent to 30 years of working in the Oakland Public Schools, as a high school principal and teacher, she refocused her life priorities to include her love of painting and making art. She has had numerous art shows including the one she is most proud of, a three generation show called “and her name was Maria” that featured not only her art, but the art of her mother, Maria Chabiel and her daughter, Nicole Dargahi.