Gail Morrison

The beauty of the world leaves me stunned and distracted. Sometimes I have to turn off this aesthetic ecstasy, but in art I can let it fly.

I am captivated by printmaking, bewitched by etching. The luscious paper, the smell of the ink, and the melding of ink and paper into one; the thrill of turning the wheel of the press, folding back the blankets, and gently lifting the paper to see what has appeared.

I honor the traditions of fine art printmaking, its quiet connection and intimate involvement with the viewer, but this is a world of working within limitations.

In digital art, anything can happen as an image develops. The principle of multiple layers is similar to using multiple plates or drops in traditional printmaking, but goes way beyond it in the potential for complex expression. Ordinary items may move beyond recognition into abstract tropes and ornaments. I am especially interested in interweaving patterns and textures to establish an emotional background for an image.