Gary W. Kuroki

Gary W. Kuroki is a self-taught photographer residing in Oakland, CA. “Life is an infinite sequence of moments in time. Most go unnoticed, unappreciated and forgotten. I seek to preserve a moment with the hope it will be considered, valued or remembered. I strive to transform the prosaic into a new, compelling visual perspective.” Seeking new perspectives from every day scenes is what drives Gary’s creativity.

Gary’s work has been exhibited at Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth, MA, Coker Family Main Gallery, Roseville, CA, Kate Ashton Gallery, San Diego, CA, Black Board Gallery, Camarillo, CA, Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Pence Gallery, Davis CA, Gear Box Gallery and Pro Arts, both in Oakland, CA. His photographs have been recognized by several international photo competitions including The Spider Awards, Neutral Density Awards, Best Photos of the Year and The Pollux Awards.