Jaren Dahlstrom

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The current series of paintings and prints examines reflected light on water and other surfaces.

The fleeting illusions, undulating constantly on a liquid world of enhanced color distorted by movement, creating abstract images of the most mundane objects. Whether it is a canal boat in Venice, Italy, a pier or outboard motor at a local marina, it is always a surprise, a gift. These objects captured in a moment of time are never to be repeated in the exact same way, a moment when light and water fuse to form an illusion of magic reality, transitory and yet more intense than the real. This fusion of fractured light seems to create more intense colors, surprising contrasts, generating incredible lines and fantastic shapes.

It is out of this abstraction, that Jaren Dahlstrom paints what he calls “abstract reality”. Using saturate colors, strong lines and shapes, he explores this often, over- looked realm of reflected light.