Micaela Marsden

A plein air as well as studio painter, and active urban sketcher, Micaela works in oils, acrylics, pen/pencil, and watercolor, choosing a medium appropriate to the subject and according to whim!

Micaela grew up along the California coast and is drawn to the rugged drama of the rocks, pounding waves, the storms and fogs. She loves connecing with this beautiful place we are so very fortunate to live in. “The forces of water, wind, and plate tectonics all contribute their elemental nature to my work!” The brilliant light and soft mists of the coast provide never-ending variety and inspiration.

Exhibitions (brief list):
Annually since 2009 – East Bay Open Studios
Annually 2005-2015 – Plein Air Painters of Mendocino
Annually 2014-2016 – Scene on the Straight – invitational
2014 Valona Paintout, Crockett—group, invitational Annual Show, Plein Air Painters of Mendocino
2013 Whiskers, Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont—group, invitational 8th Annual Frank Bette Center Paintout, Alameda—Juried
2012 Fall Show, Collector Gallery, Oakland—group, invitational 7th Annual Frank Bette Paintout, Alameda—Juried

Design Award—Festival-at-the-Lake Public Relations, Oakland,CA
3rd place—Wetlands to Ridgetops Art Exhibit, Flyway Art Festival

Vista of Carquinez Straight
12 x 36 foot mural for the play “Same Time Next Year” for the Chanticleer Theater, Castro Valley CA