Patricia McClain Patterson

Abstracts and adventures in night photography. These works illustrate my exploration of the unlimited character of light, temperature and night shooting to create dynamic abstracts.

I delved into painting with my camera, and after a trip to NYC, where I captured NY Jazz, in Times Square at night, I am constantly on the lookout for, and experiment with light, to get the effects seen in my work. Each is created in camera, no digital manipulation.

I love jazz, classical, salsa, zydeco and many other types of music. As I listen to Ahmad Jamal, or Miles Davis, or Coltrane, I visualize the different tracks, different instruments – and so these pieces are woven into a tapestry of music.

About me
* I am an artist, art lover, photographer and writer. Former Art Beat columnist,
MacArthur Metro, Oakland, CA.

* An artist into painting, drawing, pen & ink, I delved into film
photography in the late 80’s. Inspired by family members
who shot film, then my sister Carol loaned me her Olympus
OM-1, which hooked me in.

* I love capturing a wide, diverse spectrum of subjects –
people, places, things, wild abstracts and more. For
example, I explored great times, good people, wonderful
tools of the trade, in old established barbershops and
beauty salons in Oakland.

* I really get excited when others describe their interpretations
of my images. Or when my shot conjures up a memory – as
in my Barbershops collection.