Shara Hannah Shadowspeaker

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Making art is a process of communicating the human experience. Searching out connections between things, interpreting subtle body language and social practices, celebrating stories from our collective nostalgia, a desire to remember and to move forward. Speaking from a place of personal experience, I intend to provide others with opportunities for making their own connections and emotional journey. To slow down and settle in to a quiet space, to question, to feel deep sadness and longing and eventual release, a familiar place, moments of sublime pleasure and joy. Wherever it takes you, that is where your body/consciousness needs to be.

My first love was the figure. You will often see the body or references to it in my art. I also adore language, both as a system of meaning and as a collection of graceful lines and curves.

Shara Hannah Shadowspeaker pours her utmost focus and attention in to the details, both the minute and the obvious. Whether working from a photograph, a still-life, a live model or an imagined scene inspired from a reading, Shara intuitively yet mercilessly teases out the humanity and deeper connections of daily life. Inanimate objects acquire personalities, forgotten faces from the past become a conduit for our innermost fears and hopes. Take a look, and then look again; there are often layers below layers, waiting to be discovered.