Wenda Pyman

I have been a working professional since 1983 specializing in landscape, travel and nature photography. My work has been particularly influenced by Larry Ulrich, David Muench, Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter as well as other well-known landscape photographers.

For me, photography is a means of self-expression, but also I seek to convey a sense of place for the viewer. My challenge is to intercept the light and capture the scene in all its glory. As Leonard Missone once said, “Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects.” Personally, it’s is not just about light, composition or location, but finding harmony and balance between color, lines, textures and rhythmic patterns.

I always say that any of my images that “knocks your socks off” is directly proportional to the amount of effort I expended in getting that special shot. Getting up at the crack of dawn, standing in freezing water, fighting off hungry mosquitoes, climbing hills and mountains with 30 pounds of camera equipment, worrying about mountain lions, all pays off when I am successful in capturing the perfect light that can transform a scene. Consequently, there usually is an interesting story behind each successful image.

I may visit a locale several times to achieve this. There is planning involved. I usually need to become familiar with the locale and explore the various situations that may affect the image: light, weather, time of day, angle of the sun or moon, seasons, etc. I want the viewer to be transported into the scene and experience that awe and oneness with nature that speaks to me. As a result, I’ve also developed a deep appreciation of the world and the environment.

My images have appeared nationwide on cards, calendars, music CD album covers and magazines. My fine art prints grace the walls of art lovers and photography collectors. I can be found at the Moraga Art Gallery and retail venues such as Handworks of Danville. I also belong to several art alliances: EBAG, LAA and OAA, and participate in solo exhibits & group shows. Samples of my artistic style can be seen at my website: www.wendapyman.com. My fine art prints & stock photos can be found at: http://wendapyman.photoshelter.com. My website is currently being updated to accommodate orders and special requests online.

Additional information is available upon request: 415.859.8030/888.383.3993
Email: wenda@wendapyman.com